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On this page, we will provide you with a worksheet for teens, which will help them to give up their addiction.

What is a worksheet for teens?

This worksheet is for teens. It’s about addiction, addiction is common in teens. Addiction involves taking a substance or being dependent on something despite knowing its consequences. It’s the teenage life period when a person has daily new experiences through different sources. The hormonal shift, the environment everything puts a teenager vulnerable to being addicted to something. 

How will a worksheet for teens help?

This worksheet will help a teenager to give up his addiction. Addiction to anything is a cycle of behaviors that a person does not realize even if he is or not addicted to it. These worksheets will make him write down about the triggers that will help him avoid those triggers and it will also make him highlight and ponder upon what strengths he can use to give up his addiction. This worksheet has some messages for teenagers that will motivate him/them to give up their addiction.

Instructions on how to use a worksheet for teens.

Ask a teenager to write down the answers to the given questions in the box. 


On this page, we provided you with a worksheet for teens, which hopefully helped to give up the addiction.

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