On this page, we will provide you with a worksheet for grade 3, which will help to work on social skills.

What is a worksheet for grade 3 about?

Grade 3 students sometimes lack social skills especially those who have some particular problem like ADHD or Autism. Such students have difficulty interacting with others. ADHD or Autism are disorders where a child faces challenges with social skills. The child faces significant social and emotional issues. This worksheet is about highlighting the social skills a child has if he is having one of these disorders or highlight what social skills a child lacks if he/she has one of these disorders. 

How will a  worksheet for grade 3 help?

Worksheet for grade 3 will help to highlight social skills that a child has. The social skills mentioned in the worksheet are very common but when a child has ADHD or Autism he/she may lack one or all of these. This worksheet can be used to make an intervention plan according to the child’s abilities and capabilities. 

Instructions on how to use a worksheet for grade 3.

Ask the child to read the skill given in the box and then color the box given near to the skill either green if he has it or red if he does not have it. 

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On this page, we provided you with a worksheet for grade 3, which hopefully helped you to work on social skills.

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