Worksheet For Resistant Clients:Version 2

On this page, we will provide you with a Worksheet For Resistant Clients which will help you in dealing with resistant clients.

What is a Worksheet For Resistant Clients?

Resistance in therapy can be referred to as any hurdle or anything that makes your therapy process harder or  doesn’t let it continue at its natural pace. Resistance is a way of fighting or telling your therapist that you don’t really fully agree to whatever your therapist  is telling you to do. It is a way of retailing the therapy. There can be multiple reasons behind this attitude. The worksheet will help you to look at the other ways of dealing with such resistant clients.

How a Worksheet For Resistant Clients will help?

It will help you deal with resistant clients. It will help your client to analyze the costs and benefits of seeking therapy. It will also help you to learn tips to handle resistant clients.

Instructions on how to use a Worksheet For Resistant Clients 

The worksheet contains two things, first are the ways that you will get to know that your client is showing resistance and then there are simple tips that you can follow to deal with difficult resistant clients.

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On this page, we provided you with a Worksheet For Resistant Clients which hopefully helped you deal with resistant clients.

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