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On this page, we will provide you with a Vicious Flower Worksheet.  It will help you understand the vicious cycle of negative thoughts.

What is a Vicious Flower Worksheet?

Vicious Flower exercise helps you become aware of the habitual negative ways in which you respond to specific situations. It is a metaphor used to get rid of the old negative habits by plucking the petals of the vicious flower. The ‘vicious flower’ approach uses petals to represent maintenance cycles. Treatment can be framed as ‘plucking’ these petals. This is a tool used for case conceptualization, to make you aware of your coping strategies and negative habits that keep perpetuating the problem.

How will a Vicious Flower Worksheet help?

The Vicious Flower, in and of itself, is helpful, because it allows you to become mindful of the ways in which you typically react. This will help you understand and break the negative vicious thought pattern. It will make you mindful of the fact that one single negative habit can lead to forming a whole new pattern of negative energy. This worksheet will make you mindful of your negative habits and behavior.

Instructions on how to use the Vicious Flower Worksheet

Keeping in mind all the components, fill the worksheet carefully. Whenever you encounter any problem that provokes you to react irrationally, take out this sheet, and start filling it. After filling it, you will get to know how you are stuck in your vicious cycle.


On this page, we provided you with a Vicious Flower Worksheet, which hopefully helped you to understand the vicious cycle of negative thoughts.

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