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On this page, we will provide you with a Triggers Worksheet. It will help you learn different ways to deal with your triggers that provoke anxiety and distress.

What is the Triggers Worksheet?

Triggers are reminders from our past that put us in distressing thoughts. Triggers can be anything from our past, places, people, emotions, and behavior that can cause distress. They can take you to the past in just a minute that one learns in order with the triggers.

How will Triggers Worksheet help?

Triggers and coping skills go hand in hand. With every triggering thought, you need to have an alternative positive thought and plan to deal with the triggering thought. Triggers can either be positive or negative, although negative triggers can have the most damaging effects. 

Instructions on how to use the Triggers Worksheet

Triggers can be external and internal; to learn coping skills, you are supposed to find out what, when, and how your triggers affect you. One of the most important steps to identifying triggers and managing them in healthy ways is self-aware, then thinking about a plan and taking action.


On this page, we provided you with a Triggers Worksheet, which hopefully helped you learn ways to deal with your triggers that provoke anxiety and distress.

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