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Token economy worksheet pdf

Amanda Knowles

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On this page, we will provide you with a Token economy worksheet pdf. It will help you eliminate the undesired behaviour and achieve your desired goal. 

What is the Token economy worksheet pdf?

The Token Economy is a behavioural modification technique used in cognitive behavioural therapy to modify the undesired behaviour and shape the desired behaviour. It works on the principle of reinforcement. It doesn’t work on the principle of instant gratification; hence a certain period of patience is required. In this technique instead of money or direct reinforcers, the tokens are given to the child if she/he shows the desired behaviours and then these tokens are attached with some kind of incentives. 

How will the Token economy worksheet pdf help

Before trying this technique with your child/adolescents, decide the rules explicitly state them and stick to them. It is mostly used with children who need constant reinforcement and kids who don't listen to instructions. Create a token economy sheet.

Instructions For Token economy worksheet pdf

To use the worksheet, you simply look at the worksheet and consider moments when you may have felt. You need to target the undesired behaviour and the undesired one, the one you want to change or shape. 

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with Creating a Token Economy Worksheet, which hopefully helped you eliminate the undesired behaviour and achieve your desired goal. 

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Amanda Knowles

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