On this page, we will provide you with a therapy worksheet for young adults , which will help you to identify whether you need therapy or not.

What is a therapy worksheet for young adults about?

Young adulthood is the period of transition where one feels a change in their social, emotional, physical change. The change is necessary but is not accepted very easily. Sometimes young adults have issues adjusting to the change and need support in the form of therapy. The therapist aims to promote growth, and helps him/her to adjust to the change.

How will a therapy worksheet for young adults help?

This worksheet will help you to know what kind of problem you are facing and what kind of change you want. By writing the change you are actually writing the goals that you want to achieve this will be the first step of the therapy. Then the therapist and you will work on those changes according to the problem identified. 

Instructions on how to use  therapy worksheet for young adults

Read and fill the worksheet according to the questions given.

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