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On this page, we will provide you with a Life Compass Worksheet. It will help you to find your true meaning of life and what is important for you.

What is The Life Compass Worksheet?

Life compass is about finding your true meaning and finding out what is important for you and what is not. We all want to find our true purpose and objective in life. Just like how a compass shows you direction, your life compass revolves and steers you towards whatever you want in your life.  Life feels meaningful to people when they can satisfactorily answer the big questions about their lives, such as who am I, why am I here and what is it that I want, aspire and want to achieve, what is truly important to me, what am I supposed to do with my life. 

How The Life Compass Worksheet will help?

It will help you to stay focused on the things that are important for you.  This will make you objective, and persistent to work hard in life to get your desired goal. This worksheet will help you to find out your true meaning and purpose in life. This will give you satisfaction and inner peace. It is a sign of mindfulness to know what you want and what you don’t, the more you will know about yourself the more you will be able to achieve. 

Instructions on how to use The Life Compass Worksheet

Use this worksheet to understand how important it is to find meaning in your life. 


On this page, we provided you with The Life Compass Worksheet, which hopefully helped you to find your true meaning of life and what is important for you.

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