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On this page, we will provide you with a solution-focused therapy worksheet, which will help you to focus on your solution. 

What is the solution-focused therapy worksheet about?

Solution-focused therapy is future-oriented that focuses on outcomes, and on the goals, a client wants to achieve.  It does not focus on the problem rather it aims at the goals by highlighting the skills and strengths a person has to achieve those goals. It focuses on the solution only and aims at finding answers to the problem without asking for the detailed history and past. It is a short brief therapy that is time-bound. 

How will a solution-focused therapy worksheet help?

This worksheet will help you to, first of all, be clear about your relationship problems, the issues you are facing, then it will ask you to explore your goals and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Instructions on how to use solution-focused therapy worksheet 

Read the worksheet carefully and write down your goals and strengths in the given space provided. 


On this page, we provided you with a solution-focused therapy worksheet which hopefully helped you to focus on your solution.

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