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On this page we will provide you with the Relationship expectations worksheet It will help you compare your expectations, from your partner, and reality.

What is a Relationship expectations worksheet?

Expectations are basically desires or wishes, wants, and things that you expect from one another in a relationship.  Relationship expectations worksheet is related to the expectation of a person wants from his/her partner. If expectations remain unfulfilled, it can create conflicts and disagreements that can in the future affect your relationship negatively.

Relationships are hard to maintain, they require effort and a lot of hard work. The relationship is always between two people and it is always a juggle to maintain a smooth, conflict-free, and strong relationship. The worksheet will help you to improve your relationship by communicating with each other effectively. 

How will a Relationship expectations worksheet help?

This worksheet is designed to list down the expectations regarding different areas of life and reality that prevails. The worksheet will help you make your partner aware of your expectations towards him/her.

Instructions on how to use a Relationship expectations worksheet

This worksheet comprises two columns, one is for your own expectations and the other is about reality. You have to write both expectations and reality. Fill and exchange worksheets with your partner. 


On this page we provided you with the Relationship expectations worksheet which hopefully helped you compare your expectations from your partner and reality.

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