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On this page, we will provide you with a Reframing critical self-talk worksheet which will help you to let go of your critical self-talk. 

What is a Reframing critical self-talk worksheet?

This worksheet is about how you reframe your critical self-talk, Self-critical thoughts are the negative, irrational thoughts that are directed towards your own self, there can be multiple reasons for them but they are damaging and make you lose your self-confidence and self-esteem. You evaluate yourself very critically and negatively. 

Reframing is the technique of CBT, in which the conflicting and irrational thoughts are reframed into positive healthy alternative ones.  The aim of these techniques is not to ‘think happy thoughts’ or to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, rather, it is to overcome biases and to think accurately.

Negative thoughts are and self-limiting thoughts that affect your mental as well as physical health negatively, hence to give you a better and more objective perspective, it is very important to reframe them.

How will Reframing critical self-talk worksheet help?

This worksheet will help you to reframe your critical and self-defeating talk into a positive one. Thoughts that are negative, irrational, and mere assumptions are like a mental filter that doesn’t let us see and interpret a situation clearly, hence it is very important either to get rid of them or to channel them into rational and alternative thoughts.

Instructions on how to use Reframing critical self-talk worksheet

Fill this worksheet after an unpleasant experience in your life and write down what you have said or usually say to yourself and record your feelings, then write what else you could have said, like something positive or encoring and then record your change in feelings.


On this page, we provided you with a Reframing critical self-talk worksheet which hopefully helped you to let go of your critical self-talk.

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