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On this page, we will provide you with a Reality vs Expectations Worksheet. It will help you to stay positive by staying close to reality.

What is the Reality vs Expectations Worksheet?

In order to stay happy and prosperous, the way to remain happy is to lower down your expectations. Our expectations are most of the time higher than the reality itself, which creates a state of unhappiness and ungratefulness.  

Expectations and reality are like two faces of the same coin. The unsaid hidden cause of any problem in our life is mostly due to the higher expectations and underestimating the power of reality. One of the major reasons for mental health issues and our day-to-day problems are the inconsistencies between reality and our expectations. Therefore it is very important to create a healthy balance between these two.

How Reality vs Expectations Worksheet will help?

The worksheet will help you to create the perfect formula for happiness and contentment in your life which is creating a balance between the reality and your expectations. The core issue behind every problem mostly is our ability to expect more and believe that the reality or things will change, but it takes time for things to change. 

Instructions on how to use the Reality vs Expectations Worksheet.

The worksheet will help you to change your thoughts by maintaining a balance between your reality and expectations.


On this page, we provided you with a Reality vs Expectations Worksheet, which hopefully helped you to stay positive by staying close to reality.

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