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On this page we will provide you with a Person Centred Model Worksheet. It will help you to trust and acknowledge your pain and heal in a better way.

What is a Person Centered Model Worksheet?

Person centered model was developed by Carl Rogers, according to which all human beings are positive, the theory works on the firm belief that ultimately human beings have an innate tendency to develop towards their full potential. However, this ability can become blocked or distorted by certain life experiences, particularly those experiences which affect our sense of value.  Rogers strongly believed that in order for a client’s condition to improve therapists should be warm, genuine and understanding.

Person-centred therapists believe that all of a client’s thoughts, feelings and behaviour are valid responses in the context of their previous and current experience and therefore will not usually diagnose or label clients. 

How will a Person Centered Model Worksheet help?

The person-centered therapist learns to recognize and trust human potential, providing clients with empathy and unconditional positive regard to help facilitate change. The worksheet will help you to know the different factors that influence human beings as a whole. The focus of the person centred model is the person himself, not the therapist or any other influential person. The whole therapy revolves around the person and provides unconditional positive regard, empathetic behaviour and Congruence

Instructions on how to use the Person Centered Model Worksheet

Use the worksheet to understand the concept of person centred model and how it can be effectively used for the growth of human potential. The worksheet will give you an avenue to grow and trust yourself. 


On this page we provided you with a Person Centered Model Worksheet, which hopefully helped you to trust and acknowledge your pain and heal in a better way.

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