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On this page, we will provide you with a peer pressure therapy worksheet, which will help you to decrease peer pressure.

What is the peer pressure therapy worksheet about?

Peer pressure is a term when a person feels pressured by his/her friends to do something that may not be ethically or morally good. It is the influence of friends on teenagers. The basic aim of peer pressure therapy is to decrease the perseus one feels due to his peers and to have his own standing in a group.

How will a  peer pressure therapy worksheet help?

This worksheet will help you to give you different alternatives you can use to decrease peer pressure. You can have a look at all of them and see which one suits best to your condition and act accordingly. 

Instructions on how to use  peer pressure therapy worksheet 

The worksheet contains simple tips that you can and should follow to deal with peer pressure. 


On this page, we provided you with a  peer pressure therapy worksheet which hopefully helped you to decrease your peer pressure. 

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