List of Emotions Worksheet

On this page, we will provide you with a List of Emotions Worksheet. It will help you to improve your emotional literacy.

What is List of Emotions Worksheet?

Emotions define human beings, without feelings and emotions human beings are mere statues. In today’s world, the definition of intelligence has been changed, you no longer need IQ only to be an intelligent person, but you need Emotional quotient (EQ) to deal with daily stressors of life. To attain that you need to acknowledge and reflect your emotions.

How List of Emotions Worksheet helps?

In order to know how you often feel or what are the different emotions that you experience throughout your day, you need to have a list of emotions worksheet. Accepting your emotions as it is, is the first step towards emotional fitness. You should be observant towards the emotions that you experience, triggers, feelings and actions. the more you will know about your emotions the more emotionally intelligent you will be.

Instructions on how to use the list of Emotions Worksheet 

Choose the emotion from the list given below and then write down how you express these emotions in your behaviour. Give a detailed description. You can even choose emotions out of this list too.

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On this page, we provided you with a List of Emotions Worksheet which hopefully helped you to improve your emotional literacy.

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