Impulse Control-Anger Worksheet

On this page, we will provide you with an Impulse Control-Anger Worksheet. It will show you the mechanism of how anger reaches a peak and how you need to control it. 

What is an Impulse Control-Anger Worksheet?

Anger is an emotion that is not only harmful to yourself but also the people around you. It needs to be controlled. Uncontrolled anger can turn it into aggression, yelling, and physical attack. The worksheet is about learning the skills to cope up with your anger. Volcanoes consist of lava and magnum. Volcano burst is not a single day procedure. The lava melts inside the volcano for years and a day comes when the land cannot hold the lava inside anymore and it releases with a huge burst. We relate anger with the volcano. Just like lava inside a volcano, there are many hidden factors p[resent in a person’s mind. When something triggers those emotions the burst of emotions occurs which we call anger.

How will an Impulse Control-Anger Worksheet help?

Anger volcano consists of many stages. We cannot control anger in the last stage. This worksheet will show you the initial stages where you can easily overcome your anger volcano before it bursts. E.g if you feel that noise is annoying you should leave that place to relax again.

Instructions on how to use an Impulse Control-Anger Worksheet

Anger volcano worksheet aims to make a clear picture of its mechanism in your mind. Think about your anger stages and try to overcome it in the initial stage so that you will protect yourself from its adverse effects.

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On this page, we provided you with an Impulse Control-Anger Worksheet.  It hopefully helped you to understand the mechanism of how anger reaches a peak and how you need to control it. 

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