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On this page we will provide you with an  I’ Statements Practice Worksheet.It will help you to know about I statements (assertive communication) and how you can be assertive in your daily life interactions.

What is an I’ Statements Practice Worksheet?

Assertive communication is a type of communication in which a person expresses himself effectively while also respecting the rights and beliefs of others. Some people seem to be naturally assertive but some are passive.It is an antonym of assertiveness.You can learn how to be assertive in your communication through different “I” statements .This worksheet will show you some examples of assertive statements.

How will I’ Statements Practice Worksheet help?

Being assertive means that we respect ourselves and our interests, thoughts and feelings are important.it is based on mutual respect and diplomacy.it shows that we are aware of others rights and values too. Assertive communication helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It  protects us from many mental issues .This worksheet will tell you some assertive statements you can use in your communication

 Instructions on how to use I’ Statements Practice Worksheet.

Assertive communication protects you from internal conflicts .It’s absence leads to stress, anger,revenge etc.Follow the given examples assertive statements in your daily life.you can modify them according to the situation you are facing.


On this page we provided you with an I’ Statements Practice Worksheet. It hopefully  helped you to know about assertive statements and how you can be assertive in your daily life.

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