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On this page, we will provide you with a  Free cognitive restructuring worksheet. It will help you to restructure your negative thoughts.

What Free cognitive restructuring worksheet?

Cognitive restructuring is a technique used in CBT to deal with the negative, irrational thoughts that keep coming to your mind. It is a very powerful tool and process for identifying and understanding unhelpful thoughts and for challenging and replacing our automatic thoughts. You can use any technique to reframe your self-limiting thoughts. The worksheet will help you do that by questioning your negative thoughts.

How  Free cognitive restructuring worksheet will help?

After using this worksheet you will be able to replace your negative irrational and stress-inducing thoughts with more accurate and positive thoughts. It will help you question the validity of your thoughts so that you can actually face the reality of your irrational thoughts. 

Instructions on how to use Free cognitive restructuring worksheet

Use this worksheet to understand how your negative thoughts affect behavior and actions. It will help you to reframe your irrational thoughts into positive and healthy thoughts.


We provided you with a  Free cognitive restructuring worksheet on this page, which hopefully helped you to restructure your negative thoughts.

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