Free CBT worksheets for depression:Version 2

On this page, we will provide you with Free CBT worksheets for depression, which will help  you to deal with your depression by CBT. 

What is Free CBT worksheets for depression about?

Cognitive behavioural therapy believes that depression is nothing but an amalgam of negative and irrational thoughts that keep getting worse if not dealt with and addressed properly. The worksheet will help you to deal with all such negative thoughts that make you sad and worried. It will help you to develop healthy alternative positive thoughts so you can manage your depression. 

How will Free CBT worksheets for depression help?

This worksheet will help you to point out the triggers for your depression and make you understand how these thoughts affect your behaviour and actions. 

Instructions on how to use Free CBT worksheets for depression.

Fill the log below to create alternative healthy thoughts. 

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Depression worksheets free: Version 2

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On this page, we provided you with a Free CBT worksheets for depression,which hopefully helped you to deal with your depression by CBT. 

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