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On this page, we will provide you with a Fear Therapy Worksheet. It will help you to overcome your fears.

What is a Fear Therapy Worksheet?

Fear is a natural human emotion that evokes your body’s psychological as well as physical response whenever you perceive any threat or danger in an environment. One of the most widely practiced therapy to treat your fears is Cognitive behavioral therapy in which you are taught to address and face your fears rather than avoiding them. Whenever you get anxious or feel fearful you tend to avoid facing the trigger/situation which makes you fearful. The worksheet will help you to face your fears so that you can live a healthy and normal life. This worksheet will help you to counter the fear produced from any disturbing event and help you to act calmly and focused.

How a Fear Therapy Worksheet will help?

The worksheet will help you learn simple Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to deal with and overcome your fears.  Avoiding the fears only makes it stronger and grows our hidden fears. When we face our fears they become bearable, avoidance only makes our fears stronger. The worksheet will make you strong enough to deal with your fears.   

Instructions on how to use the Fear Therapy Worksheet.  

This worksheet will help you to counter and face situations that are triggering fear in you. Follow the techniques mentioned on the next page whenever you feel fearful.


On this page, we provided you with a Fear Therapy Worksheet which hopefully helped you to overcome your fears. 

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