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Fair Fighting Rules worksheet

Amanda Knowles

On this page, we will provide you with a Fair Fighting Rules worksheet, which will help you to have a healthy argument rather than a fight with your partner and will be able to effectively articulate your problems in a relationship.

What are Fair Fighting rules worksheet?

Every couple has disagreements, no relationship is perfect. Relationships are all about compromise and respect.  Fair fighting rules are all about setting rules, regulations and boundaries during a fight. The need for Fair Fighting rules worksheet comes where things go out of proportion during a fight. A simple disagreement if not done right can trigger a bigger fight. 

Fair Fighting rules worksheets are about setting boundaries and rules to which an extent a partner can go to solve a problem during a fight. What we usually tend to forget is the level of respect during an argument, one shouldn’t go below the belt while stating their point of view in front of the other partner.

How will Fair Fighting Rules worksheet help?

Fair Fighting rules worksheet will give you the freedom of speech but with certain limitations, you and your partner are supposed to sit together, discuss openly with each other, what are the weak points your partner doesn’t want you to bring up, it can be any past issue, any mistake or any other personal issue.

Instructions for the Fair fighting rules worksheet

The focus of this worksheet for Couples is helping partners to understand the importance of empathy and their relationship better. 

  • Rather than losing a relationship, it's better to lose an argument
  • One thing at a time
  • Watch your tone
  • Never disrespect each other
  • Never cross a boundary
  • Express your feelings, how you feel not your anger
  • Empathize with each other
  • Understand each other’s perspective
  • Don’t hit at each other’s weaknesses
  • Don’t bring Past issues, Past is past, leave the past issues in the past. Focus on the presents
  • Don’t try to take control of the situation, rather take control of our own emotions

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with some Fair Fighting Rules worksheet which hopefully helped you in avoiding a fight with your partner. 

If you have any questions or comments please let us know.


The worksheets on this site should not be used in place of professional advice from a mental health professional. 

You should always seek help from a mental health professional or medical professional. We are not providing any advice or recommendations here.

There are various resources where you can seek help.

You could use Online-Therapy if you feel you need counselling.

If you live in the UK then this list of resources from the NHS may help you find help.
If you live in the USA then you could contact Mental Health America who may be able to assist you further.

Amanda Knowles

Sara Quitlag is an Applied Psychologist, with a deep interest in psychopathology and neuropsychology and how psychology impacts and permeates every aspect of our environment. She has worked in Clinical settings (as Special Ed. Counselor, CBT Therapist) and has contributed at local Universities as a Faculty member from time to time. She has a graduate degree in English Literature and feels very connected to how literature and psychology interact. She feels accountable and passionate about making a "QUALITY" contribution to the overall global reform and well-being. She actively seeks out opportunities where she can spread awareness and make a positive difference across the globe for the welfare of our global society.