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On this page, we will provide you with a Fact vs Opinion Worksheet CBT. It will help you know what you value in your life.

What is the Fact vs Opinion Worksheet CBT?

Fact vs opinion is a technique in CBT therapy in which the negative thoughts and unhelpful thinking are challenged to make you see the errors and mistakes in your thinking patterns. changing your negative thoughts will help you to see things clearly and objectively. Facts are true and can’t be proven wrong, they are what they are, whereas the Opinions are subjective and not everyone can agree upon them also they need evidence to back them up. E.g tiger is an animal is a fact but all tigers can’t be tamed is an opinion that may vary.

How will Fact vs Opinion Worksheet CBT help?

The worksheet will help you to challenge your negative, unhelpful thinking pattern by knowing that why are you feeling this way. It will help you know the difference between facts and opinions so that you know before reacting to any such thought you be able to distinguish whether it is an opinion or a fact. 

Instructions on how to use Fact vs Opinion Worksheet CBT.

Fact is objective, whereas opinion is subjective and can vary from individual to individual. Write down the facts and opinions that you tend to hear from others and divide them by dividing them into two elements.


We have provided you with a Fact vs Opinion Worksheet CBT, which hopefully helped you know the difference between facts and opinion.

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