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On this page, we will provide you with Downward Arrow worksheet CBT, which will help you to find the root cause of a negative thought. 

What is Downward Arrow worksheet CBT about?

Downward arrow is a technique of Cognitive-behavioral theory. In which you ask certain questions to reach the root cause/ core belief of a negative thought. What we often do not realize is that negative thoughts are only surfacing thoughts.  We operate on underlying core beliefs, if we target them or uncover them, then the negative thought pattern can be changed.

How will Downward Arrow worksheet CBT help?

This worksheet will help you to uncover your core beliefs by asking simple questions and coming to a point where you will state the core belief yourself. When you have the idea of what the actual belief is you will be able to control your negative thoughts. 

Instructions on how to use Downward Arrow worksheet CBT.

Write down your negative thoughts then answer the questions to reach your core belief. 


On this page, we provided you with a Downward Arrow worksheet CBT, which hopefully helped you to find the root cause of a negative thought. 

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