Delay, Distract, Decide Worksheet

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On this page, we will provide you with a Delay, Distract, Decide Worksheet. It will help you to get through the cravings.

What is Delay, Distract, Decide Worksheet

The worksheet is about the 3 Ds, delay, distract and decide that can help you when you are craving for an unhealthy habit. Cravings are the urges that keep coming to your mind about indulging in an unhealthy habit. It is very important to fight through these urges because these are usually very harmful for you. To avoid falling for cravings, you are supposed to know the triggering factors and situations that make you vulnerable.

How will Delay, Distract, Decide Worksheet help?

The worksheet will make you learn different coping strategies and different ways of Fighting with cravings. Use different distraction tactics to avoid urges and cravings. Delaying tactics give you some time to combat your cravings by mentally distracting yourself from thinking about giving up for the cravings. 

Instructions on how to use Delay, Distract, Decide Worksheet

This worksheet contains protective factors which are all such factors that act as your strength to fight through your cravings.


On this page, we provided you with a Delay, Distract, Decide Worksheet. Hopefully, it helped you to get through the cravings.

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