DBT Distress Tolerance Skill-SELF SOOTHING worksheet

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On this page, we will provide you with a DBT distress tolerance skill (self-soothing) worksheet. It will help you become a more tolerant person.

What is the DBT distress tolerance skill (self-soothing) worksheet?

Activities that involve self-soothing, by using your five senses during times of distress are an essential part of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy or DBT. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy centers around four essential components: mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. It aims at teaching its clients different “Self-Help Activities.” 

The following are the five senses that can be soothed during stressful times.


  • Visit a park or anywhere you enjoy.
  • Take a stroll on the lawn. 
  • Take a look at the nature around you.
  • Purchase flowers, Sit in a nursery. 
  • Watch the snowfall.
  • Sit under a starry sky at night.
  • Take a gander at a book with a delightful view or excellent craft. 
  • Watch a movement film or video.


  • Focus on the sounds of nature, turn to music 
  • Have a conversation with the person you like, whose voice makes you happy or appreciate hearing. 
  • Tune in to the preferred music that makes you relaxed.
  • Tune in to relieving jazz, or instrumental live radio on YouTube.


  • Wear a fragrance or cologne whose smell you appreciate. 
  • Light up a scented candle.
  • Get some fresh flowers or indoor plants that smell nice. 
  • Go somewhere where you appreciate the aroma (flower shop, perfume shop, café, and pastry kitchen)
  • Put on some essential  oils, fragrance


  • Buy your favourite desserts or savoury items.
  • Get a few tidbits or solace food (chocolate, frozen yoghurt, potato chips) and appreciate it (however, don’t try too hard). 
  • Make some espresso, tea, cocoa or anything that you appreciate drinking 
  • Get some snacks or comfort food (chocolate, ice cream, potato chips) and enjoy it.(Avoid binge eating)
  • Cook your favourite meals, eat it gradually and then savour its taste


  • Hug your kids or partner.
  • Hold your pet in your lap
  • Rub the soft warm clothes against your skin
  • Take a warm long bath
  • Take your favourite blanket and wrap yourself.
  • Get a massage, a manicure-pedicure. Anything that relaxes you.

How will DBT Distress Tolerance Skill- Self Soothing Worksheet help

This skill doesn’t require any resources, it is a great skill to learn whenever one gets worried. The objective of these exercises is to reach a state of relaxation, where you can think and act with a clear head. Being calm and relaxed affects our physical health positively.

Instructions for the DBT distress tolerance skill (self-soothing) worksheet

The goal of this worksheet is to indulge in self-soothing skills to overcome negative emotions and to arrive at a relaxed state of mind, where you would be able to think clearly.  The mind can never be relaxed until or unless our bodies aren’t calm.


On this page, we provided you with a DBT distress tolerance skill (self-soothing) worksheet which hopefully helped you in learning, Tolerance as a coping skill to deal with your stressful times.

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