DBT Cope Ahead Worksheet

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On this page, we provided you with a DBT Cope Ahead Worksheet. It will help you to become resilient and strong during difficult times. 

What is the DBT Cope Ahead Worksheet?

DBT Cope Ahead Worksheet is an emotional regulation skill part of dialectical behvaioural therapy, which is all about being resilient toward unwanted and negative emotions. DBT emotional regulation is about learning efficient ways of dealing with your emotions and redirecting them toward something positive. It teaches you to stop pessimistic thoughts and emotions and regulate them into productive emotions.

How will the DBT Cope Ahead Worksheet help?

By reading this, you will get to know the different ways to regulate your emotions so that whenever you face a difficult situation, you don’t let the situation take control of you. Rather you take control of the situation? 

Instructions of the DBT Cope Ahead Worksheet.

Use the worksheet below to regulate your emotions. 


On this page, we provided you with a DBT Cope Ahead Worksheet. Hopefully, it has helped you to analyze the situation before reacting to it.

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