Crisis Plan Worksheet

On this page, we will provide you with a Crisis Plan Worksheet. It will help you in making your own crisis management plan.

What is a Crisis Plan Worksheet?

A crisis plan worksheet is about any situation in which a person’s behaviors or emotions put them at risk of hurting themselves or others and/or when they are not able to resolve the situation with the skills and resources available. The crisis management plan is actually a contingency plan that you prepare for yourself whenever you are headed towards a crisis. It is a written set of instructions to be followed at the time of crisis. It will have a series of gradually escalating steps that you will follow, proceeding from one step to the next, until you have managed the situation.

How the Crisis Plan Worksheet will help?

When a mental health crisis occurs, friends and family often don’t know what to do. The behaviors of a person experiencing a crisis can be unpredictable and can change dramatically without warning. This worksheet will help you to make and follow a crisis management plan, whenever you feel that you are going to be in crisis.

Instructions on how to use the Crisis Plan Worksheet

Use this worksheet to understand what a crisis management plan is and how it can be used.

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On this page, we provided you with a Crisis Plan Worksheet, which hopefully helped you in making your own crisis management plan.

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Mental help Resources

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There are various resources where you can seek help.

You could use Online-Therapy if you feel you need counselling.

If you live in the UK then this list of resources from the NHS may help you find help.

If you live in the USA then you could contact Mental Health America who may be able to assist you further.