CPT Worksheet pdf

On this page, we will provide you with a CPT worksheet pdf, which will help you to learn about your unhelpful trauma-related beliefs. 

What is the CPT worksheet pdf about?

Cognitive processing therapy, CPT is basically one of the types of cognitive-behavioral therapy. It is used to deal with traumatic thoughts and emotions. It is used to deal with unhelpful thinking which is related to a person’s past traumas. CPT is most helpful in post-traumatic stress disorder. 

How will CPT worksheet pdf help?

This worksheet will help you to identify your triggers or events, beliefs,  and consequences of those beliefs which are related to your past traumas and have become a part of your unhelpful thinking. This worksheet will use the ABC model for this purpose. 

Instructions on how to use the CPT worksheet pdf.

An activity sheet is given below which is divided into three columns, the first column is the activating event, the second column is your belief regarding that event and the third column is the consequence of that belief. Read them carefully and fill the columns accordingly.

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On this page, we provided you with a CPT worksheet pdf which hopefully helped you to learn about your unhelpful trauma-related beliefs. 

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