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On this page, we will provide you with a CPT Stuck Points Worksheet, which will help you in recognizing and overcoming your stuck points.

What is a CPT Stuck Points Worksheet?

Cognitive processing therapy aims to work on the stuck points that hinder your growth and recovery from any traumatic experience, CPT explicitly treats and deals with people who have suffered trauma or post traumatic symptoms. Stuck points are the negative, irrational thinking errors that prevent you from getting better and overcoming  your traumatic aftereffects and symptoms. Stuck points in CPT are related to safety, trust, intimacy, power and self esteem. Stuck points are mere thoughts that don’t let you grow or recover from your traumatic negtaive experiences. 

How will a CPT Stuck Points Worksheet help?

The worksheet will help you to develop a new perspective and interpretation of the traumatic incident in order to mitigate its long-term harmful consequences. It will also help you to question the validity and authenticity of your stuck points. 

Instructions on how to use a Stuck Points Pdf Worksheet

Follow the og to get to know and then resolve or overcome your stuck points. 


On this page, we provided you with a CPT Stuck Points Worksheet which hopefully helped you in recognizing and overcoming your stuck points.

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