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On this page, we will provide you with the Couples Therapy Worksheet, which will help you build trust after a betrayal.

What is a Couples Therapy Worksheet?

Nobody is perfect and certainly not every relationship is perfect. During our lifetime we all go through different ups and downs in our lives. Miscommunication and lack of understanding are the fundamental keys in broken marriages and between split couples which ultimately lead to betrayal. Moving on after going through a betrayal is very hard and extremely challenging. If you still want to work on your relationships after facing betrayal then this worksheet will help you.

How will the Couples Therapy Worksheet help?

This worksheet is for couples who went through betrayal. This worksheet provides a positive behavior pattern to build trust after betrayal. It helps an individual to look past the betrayal and to work on making things clear and better for the future.

Instructions on how to use Couples Therapy Worksheet.

If you are someone who has been betrayed but still loves or still wants to live (due to any other practical reason) and does not know how you will rebuild the trust then this worksheet is for you. Have a detailed read of the below-mentioned worksheet and learn about the behaviors that will help you in rebuilding your trust in the relationship.


On this page, we provided you with the Couples Therapy Worksheet, which hopefully helped you build trust after a betrayal.

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