Coping with visual hallucinations worksheet

On this page, we will provide you with a Coping with visual hallucinations worksheet, which will help you to cope with visual hallucinations. 

What is Coping with visual hallucinations worksheet about?

This worksheet is about visual hallucinations, a symptom of psychosis in which a person sees things that are not real. Commonly, people see other people who talk to them when they are stressed or alone. They believe that they are real even if they have evidence that this is not reality.  The worksheet will help you learn effective coping strategies to manage your visual hallucinations and make you aware of them.

How will Coping with visual hallucinations worksheet help?

This worksheet will help you to cope with visual hallucinations. It will first make you analyze the nature of visual hallucinations by asking you some questions. Also, the nature of the voices will be assessed. This worksheet will provide you with easy coping strategies that you can use on your own to cope with such hallucinations—instructions on how to use the Coping with visual hallucinations worksheet.

First, answer the questions related to hallucinations, then read the coping strategies. 

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On this page, we provided you with a Coping with visual  hallucinations worksheet, which hopefully helped you cope with visual hallucinations. 

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.