Cognitive Restructuring Worksheet Example

On this page we will provide you with. Cognitive Restructuring Worksheet Example. It will help you challenge some common negative automatic thoughts present in your  mind and restructure them.

What is a  Cognitive Restructuring Worksheet Example?

Negative automatic thoughts are thoughts present in a person’s mind  that can automatically interpret situations and react to feelings e.g i am not competent enough.This thought can interpret a speech competition.  Person who has this thought will never be eager to participate in such competitions .

How will a Cognitive RestructuringWorksheet Example help?

Most of the time are unaware of your negative automatic thoughts. We carry them in mind for years and years .Our nats hinder our performance in daily life activities which further reinforce our negative thoughts.It will help you to recognize your negative automatic thoughts and restructure them into healthy thoughts.

Instructions on how to use a Cognitive Restructuring Worksheet Example.

This worksheet is made to help you in challenging your negative automatic thoughts .Use the given procedure to challenge your thoughts.

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On this page we  provided you with a Cognitive Restructuring Worksheet Example. It hopefully helped you challenge some common negative automatic thoughts present in your mind.

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