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On this page, we will provide you with a Cognitive Defusion Worksheet. It will help you know the effectiveness and impact of cognitive defusion on your life.

What is a Cognitive Defusion Worksheet?

Defusion is a technique through which we release our negative feelings, thoughts and experiences and  neutralize the negative feelings, experiences, emotions and memories into less  intense, light, joyful emotions and feelings. Defusion is an effective method to enhance our mental health.s Most common techniques of defusions are reframing, meditation, and mindfulness techniques.

How will cognitive defusion Worksheet help?

Every  individual has had some bitter experiences in their life. If the negative thoughts and feelings are left untreated they can impart very toxic impacts on psychological as well as physical health of a person. Through defusion we can get rid of irritating thoughts,experiences and replace them with healthy one’s.

Instructions on how to use the cognitive Defusion Worksheet.

This worksheet will help you to analyze your defusion method and its impacts on you. Defusion has many types that can be related to mind or body. 


On this page, we provided you with the Cognitive Defusion Worksheet, which hopefully helped you know the effectiveness and impact of the diffusion in your life.

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