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On this page, we will provide you with the CBT Socratic Questioning Worksheet It will help you know how Socratic questioning is done.

What is the CBT Socratic Questioning Worksheet?

Socratic questioning is one of the techniques of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, in which certain types of questions are asked to change irrational thinking and question the existence of all such irrational thoughts to rational and positive ones. In this technique your negative thoughts and core beliefs are targeted and tried to change by the use of Socratic questions, rather than providing evidence, certain types of probing questions are asked. Questions are asked in such a way that you in the end get to find out the issue behind your bizarre or negative behavior.

How will CBT Socratic Questioning Worksheet

This worksheet will help you to maintain your relationships in a healthy way. It is kind of a cognitive error that you keep perceiving the information in a negative way all the time, you rely on your prejudices, lies, and on mere speculations. Socratic questioning is an art, just by seeking evidence and asking questions you target the innermost core beliefs that remain hidden. 

Instructions for the  use of CBT Socratic Questioning Worksheet

Different types of Socratic questions are asked Some of the most commonly asked questions are as follows: Understand them and practice.

  •  Questions for Clarification
  •  Questions that probe assumptions
  • Questions that Probe reasons  & Evidence
  •  Questions about viewpoints & Perspectives
  •  Implications & Consequences
  •  Questions about the questions

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with the CBT Socratic Questioning  Worksheet Hopefully, It helped you know how Socratic questioning is done.

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