CBT Separation Anxiety Worksheet

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On this page, we will provide you with a CBT Separation Anxiety Worksheet, which will help you to understand the cycle of separation anxiety.

What is the CBT Separation Anxiety Worksheet about?

Separation anxiety is common among children, in which there is excessive anxiety to leave a caregiver or someone to whom the child is attached. There are many symptoms but the most common are being clingy, attention seeking, and having a constant anxiety of fear that they will be left alone. 

How will the CBT Separation Anxiety Worksheet help?

This worksheet will let you write down the symptoms that you experience, the thoughts and feelings you have in your mind. After writing it down you will see how these thoughts are irrational and how they can give rise to anxiety. 

Instructions on how to use CBT Separation Anxiety Worksheet

Read the questions and examples then write what are your symptoms in the given space. The worksheet is to be filled in by the parent or the caregivers after understanding what goes in with your child’s mind while they get separated from you.  


On this page, we provide you with a CBT Separation Anxiety Worksheet, which hopefully helps you to analyze the separation anxiety you have. 

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