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On this page, we will provide you with a CBT Laddering Worksheet. It will help you to identify your inner core beliefs.

What CBT Laddering Worksheet?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy works on identifying core beliefs and the thought process behind automatic thoughts. Laddering is a technique which is also called downward arrowing in cognitive behavioral therapy in which you try to get to the root cause of the problems and try to identify the core beliefs behind the surfacing thoughts. The therapist asks a series of different questions after identifying the thoughts,  to get to the bottom of the thought process.

How CBT Laddering Worksheet will help?

The worksheet will help you to identify your core beliefs and by simply answering a number of questions, the questions are asked in a structured way to uncover the hidden core beliefs, by asking a simple question about the thoughts coming true. The client takes the lead and himself gets to uncover the hidden core beliefs.

Instructions on how to use CBT Laddering Worksheet

The questions are structured and they ask the client what the consequences would be if each thought of theirs came true. Answer each question honestly to uncover your core beliefs.


We provided you with a CBT Laddering Worksheet on this page, which hopefully helped you to identify your inner core beliefs.

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