CBT Core Beliefs Worksheet

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On this page, we will provide you with the CBT Core Beliefs Worksheet, which will help you in identifying your core beliefs.

What is CBT Core Beliefs Worksheet

According to Cognitive Behavioural therapists, Core beliefs are our most profound assumptions about ourselves, the world, and others, they are self-limiting, negative, and are the main drivers behind the issues and our matters. Core beliefs are convictions instead of realities. They are the beliefs that are installed in our minds and shape our world. The worksheet will help you to identify your internal core beliefs and challenge them with evidence and create healthy alternative thoughts.

How will CBT Core Beliefs Worksheet help?

The worksheet will help you in becoming aware of your core beliefs. This worksheet will help you to explore your inner deep-rooted beliefs that control your behavior and mind.

Instructions for the CBT Core Beliefs Worksheet

This worksheet aims at making its clients aware of their core beliefs. Acceptance is the first step towards recovery, by accepting and knowing your core beliefs you will be able to challenge them and change them into positive experiences.


On this page, we provided you with the  CBT Core Beliefs Worksheet, which Hopefully, It helped you in identifying your core beliefs.

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