CBT Behavior Chain Worksheet

In this portion, we will provide you with basic instructions about the CBT behavior chain worksheet. It will help you in understanding different methods that can help you in managing your depression.

What is a CBT Behavior Chain Worksheet?

Behavior chains occur when a sequence of behaviors is strung together by reinforcing the sequence. This worksheet will help you to filter out your behavioral issue, consequences, your self-help skills. It will also help you to change your help you understand the function of a particular behavior

How will a CBT Behavior Chain Worksheet help? 

Every person has some behavioral issues. Some are successfully able to handle it but for some, it is not. CBT behavior worksheet will help you identify your behavioral issues. It will also help you to focus on other’s reactions in response to your behavioral issue. After using this worksheet, you will be able to identify your issue and learn to actively act upon it with fewer costs and possible benefits. 

Instructions on how to use CBT Behavior Chain Worksheet

The worksheet has two parts. The first is based on identifying your problem behavior and its consequences with the possible costs and benefits of your reactions in response to environmental triggers. The second part is based on identifying your self-help skills to avoid the triggers which lead to the identification of any new skill that you want to learn in the future. Cost and benefits analysis will help you to identify the possible costs and benefits of the skills that you’ll learn in the future. You can divide the worksheet into two parts to make it easy. This worksheet is like a chain from a focus on the behavioral issue and their consequences to possible skills to cope with them. 

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On this page, we provided you with the CBT Behavior Chain Worksheet which hopefully helped you in understanding different methods that can help you in managing your depression.

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