CBT Activity Scheduling Worksheet

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On this page, we will provide you with a CBT Activity Scheduling Worksheet. It will help you in learning about activity scheduling.

What is CBT Activity Scheduling Worksheet

Activity Scheduling is also known as behavioral activation, which is a technique used by Behavioral Therapists to strengthen the desired behavior. It is a great way of treating people with depression who have lost hope and interest in life. In this technique, you are supposed to indulge in activities that make your mood elevated and positive. Create a list of all the festive activities that one needs to divert his mind towards an optimistic attitude

How will CBT Activity Scheduling Worksheet help

The worksheet will help you show different ways of indulging in positive behavioral activities. To live a healthy, fulfilling life, you need to balance your life and work on it altogether.  The worksheet will help you to bring out positivity and efficiency.

Instructions for the CBT Activity Scheduling Worksheet

Choose an activity that you want to do and rate it into two categories. You will have a list of positive actions that you can do to replace the unhealthy behaviors/ activities.


On this page, we provided you with CBT Activity Scheduling WorksheetHopefully, It helped you in learning about activity scheduling.

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