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On this page, we will provide you with an Anxiety curve worksheet that will help you to learn about the anxiety curve and lessen your anxiety.

What is an anxiety curve worksheet about?

Anxiety is normal and sometimes healthy but when felt out of proportion it can affect a person’s performance and makes him unable to cope with it and he may not be able to perform his normal functioning, the type of anxiety and its triggers may be different for everyone but the level as it increases is same for everybody. 

How will an anxiety curve worksheet help?

This worksheet can help you to know how anxiety increases and how your feelings, thoughts and behaviors change with the increase of anxiety. This will help you to control it on the low levels where you can manage it before it gets to the point where you can not control it. 

Instructions on how to use anxiety curve worksheet 

Write down how you feel when you have low, peak and anxiety when you can not cope with it, And also read the column that explains the curve at the end.


On this page, we provided you with an anxiety curve worksheet, which hopefully helped  to lessen your anxiety.

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