A Little SPOT of Flexible Thinking Activities

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On this page, we will provide you with A Little Spot of flexible activity, which will help you to think flexibly. 

What is A Little Spot of flexible activity about?

This worksheet is about flexible thinking among school children. Usually, when children go to school they have fixed rigid thinking patterns that make them uncomfortable and uneasy. Turning these thoughts into flexibility makes them easy and adaptable to the school environment. 

How will A Little Spot of flexible activity help?

This worksheet will help school-going children to focus on their thinking, as there are many situations that a child faces in their school that makes them think in a rigid way, but through that worksheet, they will be explained how to increase their spot of flexible thinking by considering an example of an oak tree, how it faces bad consequences due to rigidity and how a palm tree remains intact due to flexibility. It will teach children to think like a palm tree to stay calm and positive. 

Instructions on how to use A Little Spot of flexible activity

Read how the two types of trees are then think of your thinking patterns and write down your thoughts. 


On this page, we provided you with an  A Little Spot of flexible activity, which hopefully helped you to think flexibly. 

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